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Managing Business Case For Sustainability -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Examine About The Managing Business Case For Sustainability? Answer: Presentation This examination features on the significance of maintainability inside the association. It gives a diagram about the historical backdrop of Nestle and the technique that this organization ought to receive for being progressively economical. Settle is one of the universes greatest transnational food and refreshment association as estimated by income. This organization has more than around 2000 brands that go from worldwide symbols to some neighborhood top choices and works in 194 countries around the world. Their items incorporate espresso, dairy items, solidified food, oats and different tidbits. Their motivation is to improve people personal satisfaction and add to more beneficial future. Supportability in business alludes to the procedure by which the association deals with their social, money related and ecological hazard, openings and impulse (Buxel, Esenduran and Griffin 2015). Supportability mostly encourages the business to turn out to be profoundly flexible just as beneficia l, lessen cist and increase upper hand. Conversation Feasible strategic approaches alludes to the earth benevolent exercises attempted by the organization that guarantees all the procedures, items and creation exercises address natural concerns while amplifying productivity (Epstein and Buhovac 2014). There are a few techniques for building an economical organization, some of which are recorded beneath: By Creating coordinated open strategy Building open approach fundamentally on natural issue is intricate. The organizations at times face difficulties from the legislature for giving signs on the atmosphere evolving arrangement. All things considered, the organization should be make incorporated open approach by setting new norms and put resources into innovation for getting reasonable. Making conditions that help developments identifying with supportability The organizations should concentrate on advancements for decreasing their effect on condition, diminish the utilization of material and improve wares (Yakovleva, Sarkis and Sloan 2012). This will assist with rolling out positive improvement in the public arena, which thusly will profit the business. Work together with the worth chain individuals Effective coordinated effort is one of the imperative methods of quickening supportability over the worth chain (Schaltegger and Wagner 2017). So as to assemble manageability in business, the pioneers of the association are required to team up with the business peers, NGO accomplices, providers and other ecological organizations for diminishing unfavorable effect just as conceivably make new merchandise. Construct discourse on certain utilization If the clients are reluctant to buy naturally capable items, the development of maintainability will deteriorate. They ought to draw in their clients in national supportability discoursed so as to settle on choices about mindful utilization just as manageable living. There are a few advantages of practical organization, some of which incorporates It builds profitability and diminishes cost-Sustainable practices inside the business prompts proficient activity that secure assets, which thusly expands laborers efficiency and lessening cost (Kiron et al. 2012). This diminishing expense for the most part incorporates procedures with respect to vitality preservation. Increment capacity of business to agree to guideline Sustainable organization can follow guideline authorized by government fir securing nature. Alleviate chance Sustainable association can moderate danger of suit that emerges from social just as other natural issues. Decrease in utilization of vitality and waste-Sustainable organizations have the advantage of less use of vitality and decrease in squander materials. Improves brand picture The associations having reasonable strategic policies, for example, preservation of assets benefits them by allowing them the chance to expand their image picture (Ameer and Othman 2012). It additionally encourages them to increase upper hand against their contentions. Pull in representatives just as speculators Every individual like to be connected with positive business condition as opposed to having connected with social government assistance embarrassments. Consequently, a few people and financial specialists gets pulled in towards this sort of organization, which thusly benefits them to extend their business. Economical organizations likewise get the benefit of building better relationship with their providers and government offices. End Settle is a practical organization as they have made activity with a few food makers identifying with feasible farming. Feasible agribusiness alludes to the proficient and beneficial method of creating rural crude materials. Still they are one of the detested organizations on the planet inferable from their manageability issues. The primary issue that this organization confronted is the necessity for water sanitation. There are a few confirmations that mirror that Nestle has been engaged with a few episodes identifying with contamination. This organization should concentrate on saving water, causing biodiversity protection, to diminish air the executives, follow up on environmental change in this manner give administration to environmental change, decrease squander and improve natural execution through bundling. Their social and ecological obligation incorporates understanding key issues for their partners, energize creative practices, work with government offices and other open bodi es, focusing on zero waste, upgrade just as enhance materials, defend just as improve biological system , improve transportation just as dispersion and so on. References Ameer, R. what's more, Othman, R., 2012. Manageability rehearses and corporate money related execution: An examination dependent on the top worldwide corporations.Journal of Business Ethics,108(1), pp.61-79. Buxel, H., Esenduran, G. what's more, Griffin, S., 2015. Vital supportability: Creating business esteem with life cycle analysis.Business Horizons,58(1), pp.109-122. Epstein, M.J. what's more, Buhovac, A.R., 2014.Making maintainability work: Best practices in overseeing and estimating corporate social, ecological, and financial effects. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Kiron, D., Kruschwitz, N., Haanaes, K. what's more, Velken, I.V.S., 2012. Maintainability approaches a tipping point.MIT Sloan Management Review,53(2), p.69. Schaltegger, S. what's more, Wagner, M. eds., 2017.Managing the business case for maintainability: The joining of social, natural and monetary execution. Routledge. Yakovleva, N., Sarkis, J. furthermore, Sloan, T., 2012. Feasible benchmarking of gracefully chains: the instance of the food industry.International Journal of Production Research,50(5), pp.1297-1317.

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A critical study of human resource management in a particular country Essay

A basic investigation of human asset the board in a specific nation - Essay Example These distinctions can be plainly noted and pictured in the fields relating to the administration of any association. This paper investigates the reasons with regards to how human asset (HR) and work rehearses mirror an unmistakable division in the arrangements and the qualities received by associations across topographical limits. India presents a differentiated market and business economy and the nation has end up being a worthwhile market to the business people for interest in business. The human asset the board (HRM) rehearses in the nation expect fascinating measurements inferable from its assorted varieties and complexities existing in the business condition. The examination presents a top to bottom appraisal of the HRM rehearses in this nation. India is viewed as one of the strong and developing financial aspects on the planet. Numerous organizations abroad are thinking about India as a focal point for re-appropriating employments. Indian firms are ceaselessly growing by embra cing the corporate technique, other money related and the executives viewpoints so as to purchase sell or union two organizations to frame an altogether new substance. This is very clear from the way that in the year 1997, Indian organizations in general had purchased 34 outside organizations for about $11 billion dollars. This has been conceivable basically as a result of the ascent in capital venture and work power. It is conjectured that continuously 2020, India will include 18 million works which is more than the whole work populace of Germany (Chatterjee, 2007). This colossal work populace has required an altogether new, improved and a propelled variant of HR ideas and practices in India. Institutional setting in human asset the board †an outline of hypotheses According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (2002), an establishment is characterized as â€Å"an official association with a significant job in a country† or â€Å"an association established for a str ict, instructive, or social purpose† (Hollinshead, 2009, p24). Globalization has activated across the board changes in existing institutional structures inside economies. The progressions in institutional systems and administration rehearses because of globalization have fuelled discussions and contentions with respect to the adequacy and feasibility of such changes. Various financial speculations and ideas have molded the monetary and social request of nations that give an admired stage to financial development and advancement (Rodrik, 2007). Adam Smith in his works The Wealth of Nations illustrated the tenet of Neo-radicalism in the year 1776. As indicated by this convention the market powers have an inborn limit of designating and using the assets as per its own ideal way which can confine and jeopardize the dispersion and utilization of riches. The capital and the work powers ought to have an opportunity of development; they ought to have the adaptability to work anyplace (Hollinshead, 2009). Each individual should seek after their self â€interest just in legitimate manner and is responsible for their own activity. Subsequently as indicated by Adam Smith, the state ought not meddle with the development or the conduct of the work or capital. There ought to be no limitations on the exchange and the financial exchanges ought to be permitted to act unreservedly with no opposition by the administration (Abbott, 2008). Neo â€corporatist philosophy, whose thoughts and perspectives are very in opposition to the neo-progressivism centers around the use and the significance of the state concerning meeting the enthusiasm of the major and compelling social gatherings who are managing the HR and the capital serious items and administrations. As indicated by the hypothesis the uncontrolled and non limited market powers may produce lopsided and erratic outcomes. This may give

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Can an SAT Exam Be Too Easy

What happened? That’s what high school students and their parents were asking this summer after taking the June 2018 SAT. Shocked and angry are perhaps the two words that best describe these families. NBC News put it succinctly: â€Å"High school students across the country are demanding that the College Board rescore the June SAT exam after they got lower scores than they expected, even if they got more questions right than the first time they took the test.† Demanding is right. Petitions are circulating. The Internet is buzzing. Authors of educational articles are putting forth theories. Scott Jaschik at Inside Higher Ed reports, â€Å"When students took the SAT in June, many of them reported that the mathematics portion seemed unusually easy. They were correct.† An easy test should mean high scores, right? Wrong. According to Linda Conner Lambeck and Pat Tomlinson, the entire state of Connecticut’s average scores dropped—both language and math scores. Families in Richmond, VA interviewed by ABC News were using phrases like â€Å"doesn’t make sense† and â€Å"frustrated beyond measure.† The College Board website has a page dedicated exclusively to the June test and its scoring. Some of the points addressed are: The practice of â€Å"equating†. Statistical equating, according to the College Board, is â€Å"standard practice.† It means â€Å"that a score for a test taken on one date is equivalent to a score from another date.† While that is generally true, Inside Higher Ed presents several reasons why equating just didn’t seem to work for the June 2018 test, especially when applied to high scorers. It basically comes down to the fact that since the test was too â€Å"easy† it was therefore difficult to distinguish between those at the high end (above 650) of the scale. The possibility of amended scores. The College Board stands firm on this. June results are considered accurate. Tests will not be rescored. How my school will evaluate this test. The College Board maintains that â€Å"colleges understand the June SAT scores are accurate. They are familiar with the equating process and know that it is necessary to ensure accurate, fair and comparable scores across all test takers.† Further questions. Parents and students are encouraged to contact the College Board at for more information. Moving forward, what can you, the student, do to minimize the chance of another a shock like the June 2018 SAT test results? Keep in mind a few relevant facts. The June 2018 test was an outlier. The Princeton Review, as quoted in Inside Higher Ed, admits that â€Å"the [equating] process typically assures fairness.† Scheduling to take the test more than once or taking advantage of superscoring helps you to feel less like you are staking your academic reputation on one number. College admissions departments ‘get’ standardized testing. If a certain test sitting is so notorious that major news outlets are covering it, admissions reps will be aware of it. It’s not the same as if everyone else in the country scored 1600s and you alone scored a 400. You are much more than a number. Your school is interested in you as a potential participant in student life. Admissions reps are serious about reviewing all the information you submit. They want to know whether you will contribute to their community, and that decision is not made by fixating on one number. At A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, our focus is always on you. Our practices are based on the latest developments in educational theory and research. We have an excellent team of tutors who can help you with standardized testing, executive functioning, or achievement in any other school subject. If you would like more information, our Client Service Directors Anne Stanley and Susan Ware are available to answer questions and provide solutions. You may reach either of them by calling A+ Test Prep and Tutoring at 215-886-9188.

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Lab Exercise - 1306 Words

The company I pick from Samp;P 500 is Google Inc., which is a multinational corporation specializing in internet-related service and products. Google has been estimated to be a rapidly growing global technology leader focused on improving the way people connect with information, and its trading stock price is remained really high and still on the rise. The expected sales are given by Capital IQ from year 2014 to year 2018, and their values are listed below in the table. By calculating the average growth rate of sales over next five years, which is 12.8%, and have it compared with the one from the previous three years, which is 25.8%, it can be concluded that the projected sales value given by Capital IQ are reasonable. The average†¦show more content†¦With the cost of equity capital and effective cost of debt capital, we can calculated WACC using formula E*re/V+D*rd/V, which is 98.36%*9.254%+1.64*2.776%=9.15% (Appendix D). After getting long run growth rate and WACC, we can find the terminal value: Vn=40365*(1+2%)9.15%-2%=550,766 Then, the present value of free cash flows can be calculated based on the discount rate (Appendix B). According to Appendix E, the market value of equity is $484,185 million and the stock price is $1,183.04, while its intrinsic value of stock is $1,440.81. I choose the mean of TEV/EBITDA and the median of TEV/Revenue as multiples to estimate Google’s stock price (Appendix F). By applying the mean value of TEV/EBITDA to find enterprise value, we can get a corresponding intrinsic value per share of $1,248.06. By applying the median value of TEV/Revenue, we get the corresponding intrinsic value per share of $1,231.04 (Appendix F). Both of the value calculated by using multiples are a little bit lower than the one from Part 1. Many completed variable involved in two different ways of obtaining the stock price, which will in turn cause differences in result for sure. I believe the way which using DCF method to get the total enterprise value and then to find the corresponding stock price give the best estimate of Google’s stock price. By reaching that, I first use the average EBITDA/Sales ratio from the past three years as a constant ratio to project the future five year’sShow MoreRelatedLab Report on Exercise Prescription Essays1077 Words   |  5 Pagesguidelines she does not need a referral from a physician for exercise clearance. Measures regarding examining body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength/endurance, and flexibility were taken. Based upon the results a moderate intensity (60%-70% HRR/VO2R) a Cardiorespiratory and Resistance training program was designed for Jane Doe. A negative caloric balance program was established based upon her current RMR and newly designed exercise prescription. Muscle strength and endurance programsRead MoreLab 7 Exercise 40863 Words   |  4 PagesLab # 7 Exercise 40 Reviewing Your Knowledge A. Embryonic Development 1. Gamete 2. Morula 3. Uterine Tube 4. Implantation 5. Day 6 6. Chorionic Villi 7. Blastocyst 8. Zona Pellucida 9. Decidua Basalis 10. Amniotic Sac 11. Amnion 12. Two 13. One 14. Chorion 15. Three 16. Placenta 17. Secondary Oocyte 18. Spermatoza 19. endometrium 20. Zygote 21. Ectododerm 22. Endoderm 23. Mesoderm B. Fetal Development 1. Amnion 2. week 9 to week 38 3. week 9 4. week 8 Read MoreLab Exercise At Room Temperature Equal1270 Words   |  6 Pagesvery small volumes. A micropipette is standard laboratory equipment used to measure and dispense a specific volume of liquid (#5 This is a very helpful tool that we need to master and able to use in a biochemistry lab. The purpose of this lab exercise is learning how to use a micropipette to find the density of different liquids, and be able to identify an unknown liquid using density. Also, learn how to evaluate the experimental accuracy, precise, and error of small volumes usedRead MoreBIOS256 W1 Lab Exercise Essay1223 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿BIOS256Week1Lab1EXERCISE Mechanical Digestion in the Gastrointestinal Tract Directions: a. Click the Contents button. b. Open the Digestive System File. c. Click Animations. d. Click Mechanical Digestion in the Gastrointestinal Tract. Introduction 1. Define the gastrointestinal tract (GI). The gastrointestinal tract (GI) also known as the Alimentary Canal is one of the two groups of organs composed in the digestive system. It is defined as a continuous tube that extends from the mouthRead MoreAssignment 6: Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Physiology Lab Report1319 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Assignment 6: Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Physiology Lab Report by from tables submitted by and and lab partners and Biology 112, Section original graph submitted April 2, 2013 Abstract: The effect of exercise/physical activity on pulse, blood pressure, and respiration rate was tested on biology students. The results of the experiment showed that each of these parameters is affected after engaging in 2 minutes of physical activity. We found that average pulse, mean arterial pressureRead MoreLAB 1 NMAP Exercise Answers Essay example3200 Words   |  13 Pagesï » ¿ Nmap LAB EXERCISE CSEC 640 LAB-1 University of Maryland University College B-McDerm February 16, 2014 ASSIGNMENT PART A-NMAP 3.3 Lab Questions: Part A 1. What are the services that are running on each host? Some of the hosts include the following services below, but not all â€Å"3† include the same services. Domain: Host â€Å"3† only FTP: All Host’s HTTP: All Host’s Microsoft-DS: All Host’s Microsoft-RDP: All Host’s MSRPC: All Host’s MYSQL: All Host’s Netbios-SSN:Read MoreCyber Mercenary Group Known As The Desert Falcons 2824 Words   |  12 Pagesattack a wide variety of targets, but implement a verity of different approaches to attack targets to avoid falling into the trap of repetitiveness. The Desert Falcons aim to obtain sensitive information on projects, programs and personnel (Kaspersky Lab HQ, 2015, p.7). To steal valuable intellectual property, the Desert Falcons uses a myriad of methods, allowing them to gain control of information. Most of the methods that are employed involve getting a computer program to covertly transfer the targetRead MorePhysio Ex Lab Exercise 5 Cardiovascular Dynamics 1-41736 Words   |  7 PagesName: Brenna Wiley Date: 17 June 2012 Title of Lab: Lab Report 2 Physio Ex Lab Exercise 5  Cardiovascular Dynamics Learning Objectives: Activities 1-4 * To understand how blood vessel radius affects blood flow rate. * To understand how vessel radius is changed in the body. * To understand how to interpret a graph of blood Bessel radius versus blood flow rate. * To understand how blood viscosity affects blood flow rate. * To list the components in the blood that contributeRead MoreWhat Is Internet Of Things?1446 Words   |  6 Pagesintervention. Second use of IOT was in 1990, where John Romkey and Simon Hackett created a toaster, a connected device, which was powered through the internet. It was then in 1999, IoT got its name where Kevin Ashton, the Executive Director of Auto-ID Labs at MIT, while making a presentation for Procter Gamble, described the IoT first. During his presentation, he stated: â€Å"Today computers, and, therefore, the Internet, are totally dependent on human beings for information. Enormous amount of data availableRead MoreEssay about Lab Simulation Exercise 7: Respiratory System Mechanics1124 Words   |  5 Pages1000 5000 6000 4000 80% Emphysema 500 750 2000 2750 3250 6000 1625 50% Acute asthma attack 300 750 2700 2250 3750 6000 1500 40% Plus inhaler 500 1500 2800 1200 4800 6000 3840 80% Moderate exercise 1875 1125 2000 1000 ND 6000 ND ND Heavy exercise 3650 750 600 1000 ND 6000 ND ND 1.) Why is residual volume (RV) above normal in a patient with emphysema? The lungs empty slower than normal. 2.) Why did the asthmatic patient’s inhaler medication

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Apple s Line Of Smartphones - 1710 Words

Apple was founded in 1970 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Firstly they focused on computers (Successstorycom, 2017, 3). Current Apple CEO is Tim Cook, company is based in Cupertino, California, US (Successstorycom, 2017). Apple introduced it firs iPhone, which is its smartphone products line in 2007 T3com, 2017,2). In 2016 Apple introduced its 7th generation of iPhone (T3com, 2017, 16). Apple produce its own software for its products in 4 main categories, computers, tablets, phones, and media players. Apple production lines have its specific names, computers are callers mac, tablets iPad, phones iPhone and media players are iPods (Applecom, 2017 a). iPhone iPhone 7 is Apple s line of smartphones which are based on Apple s operating†¦show more content†¦Current Market Environment The company customers are mainly individual consumers, small and mid-size businesses, education, enterprise and government markets ((Shareholdercom, 2017, page 7). The company sells its product th rough retail and online stores, or third-party cellular network carriers, wholesalers, retailers, and resellers. During 2016 Apple 25% of sales were made through direct and 75% through indirect distribution (Shareholdercom, 2017, page 7). Mobile market has fast changing environment, in which technology companies has to invest huge amounts of money to research development (RD), to bring new innovative unique solutions (Shareholdercom, 2017, page 5). The Company further believes providing direct contact with its targeted customers is an effective way to demonstrate the advantages of its products over those of its competitors and providing a high-quality sales and after-sales support experience is critical to attracting new and retaining existing customers (Shareholdercom, 2017, page 7). To improve high quality experience the company is expending number of its shops worldwide, which are usually located in high traffic zones like shopping malls. The shops attract new costumers, and h elps to improve the loyal customers experience from the product. Apple also invest in reseller programs, to support third party resell stores by providing product expertise, integration and support programs (Shareholdercom,Show MoreRelatedApple : A Fine Grained Job1384 Words   |  6 PagesApple does a fine-grained job in making the most of their profitability in just about every area. One way which Apple has expand their success is by providing the customers with more selections and possibilities. For example, Apple launched their iPhone 6 and their iPhone 6 Plus, which is a little bigger than the iPhone 6. If a customer buys an iPhone 6 Plus rather than the smaller iPhone 6, Apple makes an extra $84.50. The bigger screen and battery in the iPhone 6 Plus, plus a few other more marginalRead MoreCase Study : Apple Inc.1722 Words   |  7 PagesApple Inc. is a gigantic company which focuses mainly on technological products, and it is headquarters is located in California. The comp any is base out of California and it was established in 1976. The â€Å"founder of Apple is Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.† â€Å"Apple design develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.† Some common product of Apple includes â€Å"the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portableRead MoreThe Marketing Strategy Of Apple1413 Words   |  6 Pages With Samsung doing so well in the cellphone market, Apple is going to have to step up its’ game in order to ensure that it stays right there with them at the top. Although Apple is constantly advertising worldwide and finding new and impressive ways to get its name out there, it is still in need of something that will send it flying ahead of Samsung. For Apple’s corporate strategy, it already uses a close-related diversification strategy. This strategy has assisted the company in finding out exactlyRead MoreMobile Phones Has Changed Our Life1508 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: If someone ask me what will you must take when you go outï ¼Å¸My answer is wallet, keys and mobile phone. I think everyone will make the same answer as me. Mobile phone that you could not live without it. In modern life, smartphone has become necessities of life. Technology is process faster and faster, and we can find the new technology in every updated mobile phones. In the past, mobile phone was used only to make a phone call, and not everyone can afford the phone because it was veryRead MoreThe Market Structure Of The Smartphone Industry1653 Words   |  7 Pagesof the oligopoly market structure is the smartphone industry. It meets all the criteria to be considered an oligopoly, they are only two major companies, Apple and Google, selling the same product of a mobile operating system. They are many barriers to entry for the smartphone market, which prevents new operating systems from entering flourishing in this market. The smartphone industry is a fairly young industry, it origins can be dated back when Apple release the first iPhone on June 27th, 2007Read MoreAnalysis of Telephone Handset Obsolescence in the US and the Emerging Market in Cuba1729 Words   |  7 Pagesof the U.S. Using U.S. Census data to define the extent of consolidation shows the level of basic cell phone adoption and the very rapid adoption of smartphones throughout key demographic segments of Americans (U.S. Census Bureau, 2009). This distinction between cell phones, with basic functions of being able to dial and receive calls versus smartphones capable of more advanced tasks including composing, receiving and sending e-mails with attachments in addition to taking photos, has been includedRead MoreSamsung Electronics Manufacturing And Digital Media1447 Words   |  6 Pagessales of mobile phones, mainly the smart phone. Samsung sold 83.2m smartphones globally in the first quarter of 2015, according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics, reclaiming the top spot from Apple which sold 61.2m iPhones in the same period. In total, 345m smartphones were sold globally. (Musil) Samsung’s flagship phone over the last several years has been the Galaxy S. The latest version is the S6 which is a smartphone designed to compete with Apple’s IPhone. The Galaxy S6 is a 5.5†Read MoreApple Inc. : An American Technology Company Operating Worldwide1130 Words   |  5 PagesApple Inc. Apple Inc. is an American technology company operating worldwide. It was created by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Waynein in 1976 in Cupertino, California where its headquarters are still located. The company currently designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Apple Inc. was originally founded with the aim to develop and sell personal computers. On January 3, 1977 the company was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. and on JanuaryRead MoreThe Overall Problem At Apple Inc. Is A Declining Iphone1283 Words   |  6 PagesThe overall problem at Apple Inc. is a declining iPhone growth problem due to decreasing market share and lack of innovation. The company has hit a stagnant point and continues to lose overall market share to its competitors while trying to recover and come up with the next big product. Shares of Apple have been stagnant over the past two years despite successful profits, a fast-growing dividend, and over $130 billion worth of share repurchases. The staple product, the Apple iPhone, accounts for theRead MoreHandwriting Recognition And Its Recognition Essay1265 Words   |  6 PagesParagraph International Inc.’s Calligrapher recognition engine. Calligrapher technology was limited by the dictionary of words to which it has access (Luckie, n.d.). This shows that if you write a word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary, then Calligrapher is not going to recognize it correctly and often suggests funny but incorrect phrases as the user wrote. Even though the limitation of the Calligrapher recognition partly contributed to the demise of MessagePad, Apple was able to rescue Newton during

Factors that Hamper the Progress of Futuremed-Samples for Students

Question: Prepare an analysis of the key external factors impacting the Organisations innovative capacity and offer recommendations supported by explanation for addressing them. Answer: Analysing key external factors The analysis of the case study shows that one of the key external factors that may hamper the progress of FutureMed is the Research and Development team have less understanding about medicines. As stated by Cascio (2018) it is important for the research and development to have a complete knowledge about the current market status. In the case of FutureMed, it is seen that the organisation does not have the resources required to exploit the research and development department in the organisation. Another factor that may play a crucial role in the innovation capacity of the organisation is the fact that the senior managers of the departments are all above 55 years of age. This hinders the chances of innovative ideas and the urge to explore the uncertain areas. This plays an important part as the social factor of the organisation comes into focus. The aged senior members of the organisation point out to the lack of social relations of the organisation. Apart from this, the stakeholders also play a crucial role in hindering the innovative process. The legal factor of the country prevents the registration of radiopharmaceuticals in a successful manner. It has been seen that the registration of radiopharmaceuticals under the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) is challenging. However, in countries like Indonesia and New Zealand, such regulations exist in few. The financers are not aware of the drugs as it is relatively new in the market and is considered as a developing branch of science that can be effective for customers. Recommendation After the analysis, it can be recommended that FutureMed need to develop talents so that research and development can be conducted properly. Research and development of the organisation can be improved by recruiting people that have an experience in market research. The market research technique of the organisation needs to be such that it helps it develop competitive advantage. The second issue that has come to the limelight is the age factor of the senior member. This can be considered as an internal problem as well as an external problem. The owners of the organisation need to recruit talented and skilled young people who can take the responsibilities as head of the departments. By doing so new tactics can be implemented that may help the FutureMed be innovative. The social factor of the organisation needs to be improved so that it can recruit people for senior as well as junior posts. To mitigate the challenge faced by the legal framework, FutureMed can export the radiopharmaceutical to countries where the registration of such drugs can be done easily. A research and development branch can be set up in either New Zealand or Indonesia to see the effects of the drugs successfully. This can help the company gain some form of revenue to continue its production of the drugs. Overall, it can be said that FutureMed need to have sharp and talented personnel that can address the external threats of the organisation. References Cascio, W., 2018.Managing human resources. McGraw-Hill Education Botha, A., Kourie, D. and Snyman, R., 2014.Coping with continuous change in the business environment: Knowledge management and knowledge management technology. Elsevier. Hamilton, L. and Webster, P., 2015.The international business environment. Oxford University Press, USA. Ismail, N.A. and Kuivalainen, O., 2015. The effect of internal capabilities and external environment on small-and medium-sized enterprises international performance and the role of the foreign market scope: The case of the Malaysian halal food industry.Journal of International Entrepreneurship,13(4), pp.418-451.

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Evolving The Gangster Genre Essay Example

Evolving The Gangster Genre Paper The word Genre is used in film to describe and categorize the different types of films that have certain elements that make them the same as the other films that would fit into that genre. The audience of the films should be able to recognise what the genre is through the way the characters act during the film, the certain places that its set in, and the actors chosen. These are the code and conventions that make a genre film. There are different types of genre like Horror, Comedy, Sci-fi, etc, but a popular one is the gangster genre. This genre includes many classic films of the genre such as Public Enemy (W. Wellman, US, 1931), Ones that you think might be a bit of a parody on the genre such as Goodfellas (M. Scorsese, US, 1991) and the films that completely question whether it should even be part of the genre like Pulp Fiction (Q. Tarantino, US, 1994). However, all 3 of these films, use the same codes and conventions, which put them all together in the gangster genre, even though these three films are completely different When I think of a film within the gangster genre movie I think of things like lots of bloody and gory violence, machine guns, the expensive cars, and the mafia family. I also think of two main characters that take themselves from the bottom of the society food chain, and work their way up to be one of the top gangster in the family. The gang or gangs in every different film will always have a don who runs the gang overall. As part of one of the main codes and conventions for gangster films, revenge always plays a big part. There is never a happy ending in any gangster film. We will write a custom essay sample on Evolving The Gangster Genre specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Evolving The Gangster Genre specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Evolving The Gangster Genre specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer At least one of the anti-heroes ends ups dieing at the end or during the course of the film. Most films in the gangster genre are set in cities like Chicago, New York, etc and normally have the characters exposing the myth of the American dream by showing that you dont have to stick to the rules to get rich, and lead a good life quickly. In gangster films we see the actors that we look as gangster actors today such as Robert DeNiro. The narrative structure in a gangster film would be the same structure that every other film made would have. It would have equilibrium to start off with, followed by a dis-equilibrium which is the middle of the film and then end it with the new equilibrium. The first gangster film that we watched was Public Enemy. When you watch the film, you immediately know you are watching a gangster film because all of the basic codes and conventions that are used within the genre. It is set in the city of Chicago, and through most of the film you see the illegal dealings that you associate with the gangster films. In the public enemys case it the dealing of alcohol due to the fact that the film is set in the time where the prohibition in America was around. The Public Enemy boasts one of the biggest gangster stars to ever appear in a gangster film called James Cagney who plays the role of one of the main characters, Tom Powers. What makes Public Enemy different to the two other films (Goodfellas, and Pulp Fiction) that is that the main character Tom Powers is a very violent man and cannot stay settled down to one women at a time, as you see throughout the film when he jumps between two women. Public Enemy is not an Italian gangster film like most of the audience would expect before they sit to watch it. The gang members are mostly Irish, which shows they used to timing correctly when they made this film because at the time the film is set, the Irish were at the bottom of society in America, because they were the immigrants and had to do the things we see in the film, to give themselves power. The director also shows the Irish descent of the gangsters because Powers and Doyle are typical Irish names and their Irish descent is mentioned near the beginning of the film. The Public Enemy also exposes the myth of the American dream in great detail. They do this when they show Mike (Tommys brother) getting married working hard in the army and earning very little money whereas we have Tommy who purposely breaks the law and does no hard work whatsoever, yet hes earning a lot of money. Because of Tom doing this all through the film, it is giving the impression that he is telling the audience that you can get a job but you will have to work hard and never earn anything as much as you would being in a gangster movement through lying to people, robbing people, and performing heists. But what it doesnt say is that theres always a massive consequence if you choose the life that Tom and Matt chose. You see this at the end of the film when first off all Matt is killed by the rival gang, and as Tom goes to seek out revenge, he is beaten up, then kidnapped from the hospital and killed. This also shows the death of the anti-hero code that goes together with the gangster genre. The second film that we watched was Goodfellas which (in a lot of ways) is very similar to Public Enemy. Like Public Enemy, we have a character called Tom (played By Joe Pesci). He is very similar to the Tom from Public Enemy because they are both very violent and unhinged figures in both films and both of them are murdered at the end of each film. Tommy in Goodfellas is not one of the two main characters that you get in gangster films. However, he does play one of the most important parts in the film because he is so unpredictable. The film is set around two Irish Americans, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and Jimmy Conway (Robert DeNiro). Both Henry (Goodfellas) and Tommy (Public Enemy) show no remorse when it comes to women. You see this when they both cheat on their partners and show violence towards them as well, and both have very similar childhoods where both films show them in their past getting beatings from their fathers. This gives out the message that they were bound to live for committing crimes. The main focus in both films (Public Enemy and Goodfellas) is that the main characters are part of the surrogate or the gang family that Tommy and Henry are both adopted into at a young age and that their lives subsequently belong to those families. As you would expect in the gangster film, there are illegal substances being shipped around in Goodfellas as there was in Public Enemy, the only difference is that in Goodfellas it is cocaine and in Public Enemy it was alcohol. Both of the main characters when the join their gangs are introduced to the group of gangsters and are told and shown how you have to work your way up the gang hierarchy. The don or the gangs leader acts as the second father to both Henry in Goodfellas and Tommy in Public Enemy. A massive similarity between Goodfellas and Public Enemy is that both main characters have brothers called Mike. It is things like this that we can use to back ourselves up when the point of Scorsese basing some of Goodfellas on Public Enemy comes into play. However, Goodfellas does have its differences. For example the film starts at a point thats also shown half way through in Goodfellas. But with Goodfellas, its a good way to start as it is a big part in the film where everything starts to go wrong and the fortunes change for Jimmy and Henry. However, after they do that, it does go back to the beginning to show the audience how they got into that situation and how they get out of it. Scorsese plays with the order of the film, by putting the dis-equilibrium at the start to keep the audience interested and make them want to watch to see how they got into that situation, and to make them think and get involved with the film. Goodfellas is set around the typical mafia family that you would expect to see in gangster films. As you see near the start, Henry messes his women about and cheats on them but eventually he settles down and marries Karen which you dont see with Tom in Public Enemy. In Goodfellas, our main character does not die but because he tells on his fellow gang members, he is forced to live in secrecy which because of this, it is as if he is dead, because he cant contact anybody from his previous life as a gangster. In Goodfellas, Henry is shown to be the nice guy gangster as he is really not into killing people and we see this in the scene with one of the other gangsters in the boot of the car. Henry steps back as the other two gangsters stab and finish the body off. At one point in the film, we get Karens point of view which shows a shift in representation and treatment of women from the 1930s in Public Enemy to the 1990s in Goodfellas. Also, in Goodfellas there are a lot more bent law enforcement people ranging from policemen through to lawyers, judges and also prison officers. You can still say that Goodfellas as a gangster film even though there are a lot of differences between the Public Enemy and Goodfellas. You can see that things used in a documentary are used throughout for example the voice over, and the freeze frames. There is also a sense with Goodfellas that Scorsese makes fun of the gangster genre with mockery and the fact that they are so well off they buy things even though they are tacky and horrible for example the T. V. area that turns around that Harry and Karen buy during the film, and with the name Jimmy two times because he ends sentences by saying the same word twice. Scorsese also puts a lot of upbeat music some shocking violence; this gives the impression that it is not such a big deal to kill someone in that kind of lifestyle. Also with the character Tommy we can see that the character is happy to kill anyone he can, so Scorsese is tries to make us happy and feel easier that the mafia is killing people in his film. The final film that we sat, watched and studied was Pulp Fiction. Pulp fiction is not like any of the other gangster films and some, may even say that you cant really class it as a gangster film. I personally think you can class it as part of the gangster genre; I think this because you can see that is doesnt have many things in common with classic gangster films like Public Enemy and Goodfellas which is what is good about the film, because it makes it completely different from the other gangster films, which would make fans of the genre want to sit down and watch it. Like Public Enemy and Goodfellas it has the basic elements of violence and guns, and has the main characters in men in suits, but hat makes them different are the fact that you can tell they are not expensive suits, because they look so tacky. And also another basic element with gangster films, are illegal substances, but this time they are getting used for personal use instead of being sold of to others by the gangsters. The gang has another don style character who is called Marsellus Wallace. There is also a revenge factor with Butch getting back at Marsellus. And just like Public Enemy our anti-hero, Vince, is killed. But for every similarity Pulp Fiction has with Goodfellas and Public Enemy there are also the differences that make it a completely different film. Tarantino plays mainly with the narrative structure of Pulp Fiction. By doing this he leaves the audience confused but thinking about what is going on and what is going to happen. He also has put multiple narrative structures into the film which focuses on the different characters. The reason Tarantino does this is because he knows that his own gangster film can be so much different from the likes of Goodfellas, and Public Enemy. Tarantino also plays with the basic codes and conventions that you would expect to be in a gangster film. A prime example of him doing this is when he puts in a happy ending which is not common in the gangster genre, because with gangsters you never expect a happy ending. There is no money making schemes at all in the film and we dont see any illegal substances being sold to other dealers. In another uncommon scene we see a different way as to how women in gangster films are shown with Mia Wallace (Uma Thurmann) being powerful and the subject of a rumour that is going around that makes Vince fear for her when he takes her out as a favour for Marcellus and also when she overdoses on the drugs she finds in his jacket pocket. I dont think that any of the 3 films I have descried are the same because I have shown so many differences between each of them, that in my opinion, can swing anyones views on these 3 films if they thought differently to me. I know that they are very different from eachother, because if every film of its genre was the same, then I wouldnt want to watch them because I would know what is going to happen and it would become boring. Also because of the changes in society that happen every single day, it would become very hard to make the same film because we see the changes that are representing the social groups such as women so if we were to make a film like Public Enemy, It would come under a lot of criticism because of what happens in public enemy when it comes to women, and it wouldnt happen nowadays to women. However, the similarities between the 3 films are needed so we can categorize them into the gangster genre but we also need differences to tell the genres apart and also to tell the films apart, so the films end up making us feel familiar with the genre that its part of, but at the same time, gives us some original ideas that could also help us define it as a gangster film, and the audience also like to be able to know what is going to happen in the film but at the same time they want to have the element of surprise that most of the time actually ends up making the film as good as its meant to be.